Do You Want More Book Sales?

Well, of course you do...who would ever say they have enough sales?

The REAL question is - how do you get more book sales

There are countless marketing strategies and tactics out there, so where do you start?
Where do you focus your time?

Let's look at the Amazon Algorithm for an example, also called A9, which now uses over 20+ factors to hone in the customer experience. 

How can you know which ones to focus on first?

The reality is that you will NEVER be able to know all the factors, Amazon keeps them locked in a vault. 

But after tonnes of research and looking at repeating correlations, we can give you some time-tested advice on how to increase your Amazon Best Seller Rank — and sell more books.

Let's start with how we can get you amazing results by figuring out the factors that are the real needle movers on Amazon, these are category selection, keywords, customer reviews and Author Page.

All these needle movers increase your Best Seller Ranking, but there is #1 Critical piece missing and that is your ideal customers (we will get to this a bit later).

Amazon Category Selection

Category selection is vital to becoming an Amazon best seller, there are currently over 16000 + categories to choose from.

Choose a wrong category and you can be lost in the Amazon Jungle of books never to be seen again, choose the right category and you could become an Amazon Best Selling Author.

This Best Seller title will allow your book to stand out, be in touch with more readers, share your message and most importantly increase royalties. 

So how do you choose the right ones in the thousands to choose from, that's where we spend the tedious hours researching exactly what to select, we find the essential niche's you need to be in.

We get your book into the allowable 10 categories, not just the 3 so many Authors think there is. 

Amazon Keywords

Amazon allows you to have 7 keywords to help describe your book, within these keywords you're allowed to have 50 characters. 

Just like any search engine single keywords are very competitive and your time must be spent finding the long tail keywords and phrases your readers are using to find your book. 

These keywords help you get your book discovered by Amazon shoppers, they are essential for increasing book sales.

We spend hours researching these keywords and take the guesswork out for you, we find what customers are searching for on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a very important part in the Amazon algorithm, Amazon dedicates themselves to knowing buyer intent and creating customer satisfaction.

The Amazon search engine is geared for the ultimate consumer experience.

Social proof is what drives Amazon, example ; if you have a book with 50 reviews and a similar book in the same genre with only 3 reviews consumers will choose the book with more reviews.

Customer reviews are also ranked higher on their frequency and their age, so recent reviews will always trump older reviews in the Amazon Algorithm.

We have strategic plans to keep your reviews coming in regularly.

Amazon Author Central

Creating a professional Author page is usually left as a second thought by too many Authors, it can seem a little daunting with all the different features available. But it is essential to sharing your message with the world and connecting with your readers.

Your Author page can make a big difference in your book sales, it proves your legitimacy as an author and helps convert your readers into fans.

It’s where Reader's can learn more about you, find your books, website, blog, or social media all in one spot on Amazon.

The Author page needs to close the deal.

#1 Critical Needle Mover

Did you know only 10% of customers look beyond Page 3 on Amazon and 90% of customers will make their purchase exclusively on Pages 1-3 of Amazon’s search results page.

If your product is not visible here, you will lose the bulk of your sales.

That's where optimizing your Amazon search rankings is so important but it will only get you so far, this last needle mover is Amazon Ads.

It's the easiest way to get your book discovered.

That is why we create an extensive list of profitable Amazon targeted keywords for your book, we are able to place an advertisement of your book alongside other books and get in front of more Amazon shoppers. 

Driving the perfect reader to your book is critical for boosting your sales.

It's very easy to publish your book on Amazon - millions of authors have done it. But publishing it STRATEGICALLY is something that most authors (and publishers) overlook.

And as Amazon is always evolving... it can be complicated and frustrating to figure all of this out on your own. 

That's why I'm here.

I will give you some Incredible Tools to help you succeed on Amazon, I'll take the guesswork out of the entire process of getting your book on Amazon, fast-track your publishing career and boost your book sales.

I will also break down the complicated technology & concepts, that often frustrate authors, into easy to understand language so you can get up to speed on the essentials of dominating the Amazon Platform.

SO — if you want to work with me and grow your book sales, keep reading…

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Nothing too crazy, I just need the basics about what you’re working on, where you are heading, etc. That way we can understand your situation before we talk and get right to business.

Step 2

Here’s What Will Happen Next

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, and set your time we will send out a confirmation email and send some reminder emails before our call. 

We all know life is a bit hectic at times!

On our call we can really begin working to figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

At that point if you see the value in working together, great. We’ll talk and see if I’m able to take you on as a client.

If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too.

Worst case you would have received some free advice from myself which will help you generate more traffic and book sales.

I guess the Harsh Truth is that Self-Publishing Is Not a "Get Rich Quick" process and If You Want Shortcuts... This ISN'T For You! 

Ultimately this is for people who take action and know a good opportunity when they see one.

If that's you, today is the day you step up and take your book sales to the next level.

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