“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.” ~Pearl S. Buck, Pulitzer Prize recipient, Nobel Prize in Literature

As a South Australian Country girl, one of my first loves was books and nature. My grandparents instilled this in me from a very young age and many of my fondest memories are sitting reading and hanging out on the banks of the River Murray, it was swim, read, relax, repeat! Even as I travelled, I'd have a small bag of clothes yet a BIG suitcase of books. 

Books to me were a way to open up my little world and they led me to many different ways of thinking and ultimately an exciting variety of experiences! 

Now I've venture back to my roots for my family to have the same experience that i was lucky to have. I've always had a sales and marketing background, but that’s not what defines me. After my family, my real passion is still books, but more specifically the new world of Kindle e-books. 

If I had to describe myself, I would start by saying I’m a wife, mother, sister, and auntie to many! But when I am not riding our Jetski, motorbikes, building lego or hanging out in the Dreamhouse with Barbie, I am an online entrepreneur specializing in Amazon Ads and Kindle e-book marketing.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

After a decade of dedicating myself to Professional Cricket, injury required me to change my passion. I pursued my career in sales and marketing  for 20 years, reached state manger yet felt unfulfilled and travelling too much. I had this burning desire and crazy dream to one day own my own cafe. My dream was to buy a cafe, build it up and have staff manage it whilst I spent quality time with my young family. Sounds easy yeah!? Well, it quickly became a nightmare. 

I was working 14 hour days, I was exhausted and frustrated. I became disconnected from my partner and life was passing me by and I was missing out on it all. We sold the cafe, moved to the country, reconnected and I was now able to spend my nights and days around my family. I immersed myself working on my side hustle: online marketing. I started by creating niche websites, drop-shipping and earning advertisement and affiliate commissions and putting all my sales skills to good use.

After spending years listening, practicing and learning from the best mentors I could find. My online entrepreneurship became more of an obsession than a hobby. But it wasn’t until I discovered self-publishing on Amazon that I kicked it into the next gear and quickly expanded my learning and started to focus completely on this. Combining my SEO knowledge, website development and experience with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), I found my mark. I had found my passion!
“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it" Estee Lauder
As an avid reader (and upsizing our library to fit in my book collection), I realized that the number one problem that people were having wasn’t writing the book, but marketing it once they had it published. 

As an Author you put your creative side to work and spend hours, weeks, months even years to produce that final manuscript and upload to Amazon. You get a few initial sales, it's ok but after some time the sales start decreasing, your royalties diminish and all that hard work, time and energy becomes a frustrated mess. 

Was all the effort you spent in this process worth it? It can be so disheartening, writing your book is a major part of book sales but marketing your book is the crucial next step if you want success.

The learning curve of putting together a marketing plan, build a website, researching keywords, categories, advertising, optimization and don't forget sending traffic to your book.  This can be very overwhelming. 

These can be all foreign concepts and not what writers & authors want to spend their time doing. Writers and Authors need to spend their time writing that next best seller. Not losing valuable time on this stuff.

Was all the effort & time you spent trying to work it all out worth it? 

“The man who stops advertising to save money, 
is like the man who stops the clock to save time"
 - Henry Ford
I think Henry Ford has said it the best. 

That in todays world we are all vying for peoples attention and an estimated 4500 books are released each day on Amazon, So how do we stand out as Authors, We need to market that book and one of the best ways to do it is through Amazon Ads.

This is where I can HELP you increase your book awareness, increase your traffic of the perfect reader, the tribe you connect with to make your message stand out in today's clutter. 

This will create the perfect flow to increase your sales and royalties. You can even re-launch an old book and get it going again.

If you would like me to offer some suggestions on how to increase your sales on Amazon, 
I am offering a FREE strategy call.

Let's see if we can boost your book sales, FREE up your time & keep YOU writing that Next Best Seller.
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